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ByGeorgia Holland

See it now: you’re thinking of selling, you need & agent that has access to the biggest pool of buyers possible.

Find out how to sell well, with the strength of not one office, but 14 offices across the Central Coast working for you.

See it now:

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    What adds value to a house in Australia? This is a question we are frequently asked by home sellers wanting to increase home resale value. Ultimately, all sellers want to achieve the maximum sale price along with a smooth sale. Even in a buyer’s market like we are currently experiencing, … Read more

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  • Selling a deceased estate property – important tasks

    Selling a deceased estate can be emotional and daunting, especially if you are inheriting property from your parents. It is a complicated process to have to deal with at an already difficult time. However, with the right help and support, you can get through it. Here are some of the … Read more

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