Auction Collective Coming to the Central Coast – August 1st

By Georgia Holland
Draw a crowd and create competition.
The Auction Collective is a Central Coast wide Auction Event.
The auction collective is a high profile event and will attract  a range of active buyers in one location, allowing you to put your property in front of the right buyers, in  a high energy atmosphere created to sell your property.
Our extensive network, including 14 offices across the Central Coast, means you can have the highest confidence that we will produce a premium result for you in the current market.
Why take part in The Auction Collective event?
  • Our experienced auctioneer is driven to provide you with results
  • Heavily publicised and marketed auction event will draw active buyers
  • A full room of ready buyers will create competition and drive up price
  • Increased buyer pressure will help you uncover the outcome of your property in a short space of time
  • Auction is a proven successful tactic in the current market climate

Contact ushereto be part of The Auction Collective event.

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