Do you own or are buying an investment property?

By Shaun Hudson-Smith

Maybe someone you know does. This revolutionary new service is going to change the game in favour of the property investor / landlord dramatically.

Waiting until the end of the month to get the tenants rent transferred to your account is a continued frustration for the landlord and managing their cash flow.

Imagine that the rent paid by tenants, on any day of the month, maybe on the 3rd day of the month or the 11th, 23rd… goes straight into your bank account, Direct to You.

If you are a landlord or planning to buy an investment property, you need to know how this can make owning a rental property finally pay dividends to you in a big way with immediate cash flow Direct To You.

Just email: terrigal.nsw@raywhite.comand write Direct To You as the heading with your name and contact number and we will provide you with more information on this new property investor game changing offer (by the way, it won’t cost you any more, it’s just part of our service). 

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